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under a cloud

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It’s an odd kind of day – warmer than you want for the time, but also not sunny at all. We’ll be having colder days next week, though, so I guess I just have to be patient. A nice German dunkel beer will brighten up the day. It’s one of those classic breweries too, Augustiner. Somehow I imagine Munich with the opposite weather…

Extra fluffy head, and dark caramel color, but still somewhat transparent. It’s not very aromatic, but there’s a whiff of grain and grass there. The taste is surprisingly dry, tilting towards bitter but with a good base of malt. It’s clean drinking, although there is a clearly bitter aftertaste. It’s a typical German dunkles, malty and ever so slightly sweet, but without any stickiness that some sweeter beers and lagers from other places can suffer from. It’s a year-rounder for me, with enough lightness to be palatable in summer but also enough body to make a stand against winter chills. Would I prefer a stout? Sure, I always feel some preference for stout, but it’s good to keep your experiences varied. It’s not usually regrettable, and this time is no exception.

Supplier: Más Que Cervezas
Price: €2.40

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