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The Decline of French Wine

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In this episode, Ceit and Joanne talk about the declining consumption of French wine, European wines in general, and what, if anything, this means for the world of beer. One analyst has suggested this is due to wine losing market share to craft beer, but others aren’t so convinced.

Irish pubs

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Irish Pubs have seen a surge and purge here in Madrid and in other cities around the world. Ceit explores the reasons behind this, as well as what made Irish pubs popular in the first place.

Episode 03 – Cañas

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Today Ceit explains to us what on earth is a caña, and why they are so popular in Spain when people go out to terraces to have some beer.

Episode 02 – Beer Fairs

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Have you ever been curious about beer fairs? In this episode, Ceit explores the wonderful world of beer fairs in various countries, their history and why they are interesting for both brewers and drinkers.

Podcast Episode 1 – Budweiser Scandal

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In our first full-length episode Ceit and Joanne talk about the uproar among conservative Americans regarding Budweiser’s brief marketing foray with transgender Instagram influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Link.

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The wonderful words of beer

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Have you ever wondered where the word beer came from, what we called the drink,  in English before we used the word beer, and, for that matter, if the drink was any different when it was called by another name?


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Introduction to the podcast and my goals and aspirations around it.

I hope that you will join me on this journey to explore the history of beer and brewing in general, as well as some focus on the current goings-on in craft beer culture.

Drink what you love!