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On the ninth day of Beermas I went and got for me
A third of nine dancers carefree
Eight spice rack maidens
A taste of one of seven seas
Six alarms a-ringing
A high-powered ring of fire
Four silent moths
Three frisky parrots
A bottle but not two cans
And more than half a liter of perry

Here’s a conundrum, are three dancing monks better for day three or day nine? I guess nine, three times three, and so clearly connected to the day’s activity, so that’s where you go EspĂ­ritu Triple. Yakka has created this beer with its playful and evocative label, probably intending to emphasize the connection to the religious brewers of other parts of Europe.

On a more somber note, I found out (some time ago when this gets published) that Hop Hop Hurrah will be closing it’s doors at the end of December. The owner is having a baby and the store just doesn’t make up for being away from family obligations. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to get back into it later on. Life just keeps changing, one way or another.

Typical Belgian appearance, golden but slightly cloudy, not a lot of head. The Belgian aroma is also present, tangy, slightly bready. It’s very bitter at first, but quickly backs into a sweet and sour kind of flavor, with a little bit of a dusty feeling. It grows in sweetness, but never gets sticky, although I find it to be more refreshing after some time to warm up. It gets smoother and less cloudy, easy to drink and calling a little for some extras – cheese, fruit, probably not something very salty. It’s not an “authentic” Belgian, just a Spanish-made Belgian style, so maybe that’s why I don’t get the usual aftertaste. It’s very clean and perfect for a quiet conversation. Ninth day down!

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